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About Us

The ability to honor and accept what we’re feeling is powerful. However, there’s seldom space in our daily lives to slow down long enough to breathe, much less focus on ourselves.

Understanding that caring for our mental health is as important as going to the doctor for annual checkups and vising the dentist, Tamara Walden, PhD, created Roots & Wings Wellness.

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All programs at Roots & Wings Wellness center around three key values:

LOVE – There’s never enough love in the world, so Dr. Walden maintains a safe, judgement-free space where clients can fully experience the value of therapy. In return, her goal is for everyone to feel loved for exactly who they are.

HOPE – Where there’s desire, there’s hope. Regardless of your therapeutic goals, there’s a path to get you there. You might even be surprised that the intended path can include some amazing, life-changing detours along the way.

ACTION – We can talk all day, but action is what moves us forward. Whether your action is accepting things you cannot change, unpacking emotions or creating a plan to move forward, anything is possible with the right support.

About Tamara Walden, PhD

Inspired by her courageous and loving mother, Dr. Walden grew up believing she could do anything. However, it didn’t take long to realize that not everyone around her felt the same way nor had the benefit of being rooted in a loving support system. With that in mind, she made it her life’s goal to help others connect to their innate powers and soar to their dreams.

She also believes in her core that regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation and background, everyone deserves love and acceptance. The result is Roots & Wings Wellness.



University of Maryland: Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology; Master of Arts in Exercise & Sport Psychology

Counseling and Wellness Center at the University of Florida   

Florida Licensed Psychologist 


Tamara Walden, PhD


Multiculturalism, Social Justice & Ally Development, Sports Psychology, Training and Supervision, Mind-Body Connection, Emotional Integration 


Dr. Walden enjoys creativity in any form, from art and language to comedy and music. She also loves spending time with family.

Tamara Walden, PhD
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