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Some people don’t wish to enter a therapeutic relationship, but realize they’re stuck in their lives and can’t quite achieve their goals. For them, life coaching is a great option.

Increasing in popularity, life coaching is a short-term, solution-focused relationship that helps clients identify their personal goals. The coach and client work together to create specific action steps toward achieving those goals. The coach also holds the client accountable for follow-through and helps him/her troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned.

Many seek life coaching when they find themselves:

  • Struggling with self-confidence

  • Stuck in a dead-end job

  • Lacking quality relationships

  • Needing help with specific communication skills

  • Having trouble making key decisions

  • Wanting to make a major life change

  • Unhappy, but can’t pinpoint why

  • Unable to determine their path in life

Amateur Athletes

Think of a life coach as your temporary best friend who will be your biggest cheerleader, but also call you out on excuses and copouts.

There are many “certification” programs for life coaches that only require minimal classwork and qualifications. However, the life coaching program at Roots & Wings Wellness is based on evidence-based therapeutic principals that have stood the test of time. The major benefit is that if sessions reveal a deeper issue beyond the scope of life coaching, the client has the option of easily transitioning into a therapeutic relationship with the same provider.

Find out how life coaching can help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted. Schedule a free, 15-minute session today to learn more.

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