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Group therapy is a powerful way to learn and practice effective mental health skills, gain insight by listening to others, and discuss your needs and goals in a supportive environment. Connecting to the right group can be highly beneficial for those with conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, family problems and addiction. The most common types of group therapy include psycho-educational groups, support groups and interpersonal process groups.

A group setting can provide many benefits, including:

Connection & Camaraderie – Knowing others are facing the same issues you are is a huge step forward. Group members have the opportunity to express themselves in an environment that’s far less judgmental than what they likely face in their daily lives. The simple act of sharing repressed thoughts and feelings also can provide some immediate relief.

Discovery & Insight – Learning how others cope with similar issues can provide great insight into strategies that you can incorporate. It’s also helpful to hear from those who are at different stages of healing, especially when you’re just starting out. Watching them succeed provides a glimpse of what life can look like by doing the hard work.

Response-ability & Empowerment – Showing up isn’t enough. Each group member is expected to focus on their own work and themselves. Engagement is key as you only grow when you engage openly as yourself.  The process itself serves as a great motivator, even for those who are not self-motivated at the start.

Safety – While the world won’t always take the time to listen to you, group members will. The group leader will create a safe, judgement-free space for group members to share their triumphs and pitfalls. After all, honesty nourishes connection, but safety nourishes honesty.

Confidentiality – Anything said in group sessions stays in the group sessions. To ensure confidentiality, each member must sign an agreement and adhere to the rules of the group, or be asked to leave. The provider/therapist is bound by the same confidentiality requirements guaranteed in individual therapy sessions as per Florida law.

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