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Empowerment Group 

This semi-structured process group aims to create a safe place for people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color (BIPOC). It also is gender-inclusive and will help increase group members’ connection to themselves and other BIPOC group members by utilizing interpersonal process exercises and in-the-moment engagement. This culturally-responsive treatment approach considers specific barriers and challenges that are unique to BIPOC individuals resulting from privilege and oppression.

What happens in group? 

Participants learn to identity their emotions and the needs underlying those emotions, then interact with each other based on their immediate “internal weather.” Members also practice using non-judgmental language, distinguishing between “evaluation” and “description,” making feeling statements and empathic responses, and inviting others to provide empathic feedback. Thus, everyone will have the opportunity to express themselves in meaningful and healing ways, while practicing it safely with compassion, empathy and connection.  

You’re a good fit for this group if: 

  • You value relationships and/or aspire to improve relationships with others

  • You are self-reflective and ready/motivated to explore your emotions

  • You are curious or discovery-oriented

  • You can tolerate some emotional uncertainty in the moment

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This group meets for 90 minutes on 10 consecutive Sundays from 11am-12:30am

Time Commitment

Cost & Registration

Group Intake + Registration fee= $150 (amount counts toward session costs)

Weekly sessions


(sliding scale available)

  • The full registration fee is due at time of registration/intake. A portion of the fees may be covered by insurance, so check your benefits before registering -- you may choose to use your insurance benefits.

  • For those who are not current clients, Dr. Walden will meet with you for a group intake session prior to the group's start date. The cost is $150 (which will count toward your payment for the first 2 sessions). 

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