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Healthcare Professionals

Therapy for Providers

Never have so many demands been placed on healthcare providers then now. COVID-19 has literally changed the profession in ways that won’t be fully understood for years to come. But even this far into the pandemic, it’s difficult for professionals to cope with their own feelings, stress and depression.

Roots & Wings Wellness offers programs specifically targeting the unique situation healthcare professionals are in now. We begin by addressing the experiences over the past year or so, take time to grieve the losses and chart a path for healing.

Healing Outcomes

Whether you’re a doctor or nurse working at the bedside in a COVID unit or a therapist helping families pick up the pieces on Zoom all day long, consider whether these healing outcomes would benefit you…

  • Understand what you’re feeling right now

  • Learn your triggers and "hot buttons" so you can better manage them in session or in contact with patients

  • Distinguish between normal distress and PTSD

  • Acknowledge, process and honor grief from patient-loss and other forms of loss in your personal and professional life

  • Know how the “God complex” can impact your long-term mental health

  • Show as much compassion for yourself as those around you

  • Address feelings of powerlessness and burnout

  • Uncover how your experiences have affected key relationships

  • Learn healthy coping tools to avoid extreme emotions like overwhelm and disassociation

Let us honor your needs. You’ve been so busy taking care of others, even when you have nothing left to give. Now it's your turn.  Whether its scars from the pandemic or care-giver burnout, let us help you heal so you can more fully show up for your patients, coworkers and loved ones.


Supervision for Providers

Post-graduate therapists are required to work under a licensed therapist for a certain period of time to complete their training. If you’re not associated with an organization like a government agency or university that offers a qualifying supervisory experience, Roots & Wings Wellness is accepting applications.

To apply, simply send your resume and/or CV to Tamara Walden, PhD and we will contact you within 7 business days to discuss how our program aligns with your needs.


Provider Therapy

Provider Supervision


Consultation for Providers

Prior to launching her private practice, Dr. Walden worked in large healthcare organizations and quickly became the “go to” person for consultations, especially as they related to frequently misunderstood multicultural issues like:

  • Power and privilege

  • Race and ethnicity

  • Social justice and inclusion

Shortly after striking out on her own, she learned that most mental health professionals found private practice to be liberating and empowering, but they missed the ability to consult with colleagues down the hall. To help fill that gap, Dr. Walden makes herself available for virtual clinical and business development consultations. Some of her services are listed below.


Clinical Consultation

Dr. Walden frequently consults with other private practice physicians about the assessment, treatment and differential diagnoses of patients who present a number of issues including:

  • Complex and/or comorbid cases

  • Cultural factors such as race, gender identity, immigration, psychosis and personality disorders

  • Rare and unusual symptoms and circumstances

Adding High-Interest Services to the Therapeutic Mix

For your practice to remain relevant and profitable, it’s often necessary to add high-interest services to your therapeutic mix. This often includes mindfulness or IPT, as well as other advanced interventions that use the therapist as a tool in session. These types of interventions require more vulnerability, experience and self-reflective capacity. For less inexperienced therapists, it also requires additional supervision. Even when used infrequently, leveraging the ‘here and now” in session or a clinicians “in the moment” experience can significantly impact the therapeutic work and increase clients’ therapeutic growth and outcomes.   

Sport Psychology

Equipped with a Master of Arts in Exercise & Sport Psychology, Dr. Walden works with athletes on performance enhancement and exercise psychotherapy techniques. In order to meet the psycho-educational or clinical needs of athletes, clinicians who wish to work with athletes must have adequate experience to develop competency in this area. This type of experience is often difficult to come by, and training opportunities in sport psychology are highly competitive. National organizations like the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP) offer certificates which require additional training and direct experience working with athletes, while receiving supervision hours from a qualified sports psychologist. Dr. Walden can provide that supervision. Additionally, she often is called upon to address sport psychology educational areas, as well as clinical/counseling issues such as eating disorders, substance abuse issues, mental rehabilitation from injury and relationship issues (e.g. family, coach, teammates, partner, etc.). These issues are common among high-profile professional athletes, as well as student athletes.


Events, Workshops & Speaking Opportunities

Dr. Walden is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator around the country. She often seeks collaborative relationships with other mental health professionals for opportunities that target professionals and the public.

Professional Development

For mental health professionals working in large agencies, Dr. Walden can help them navigate the expectations and restrictions of their workplace in a way that allows them to incorporate their values and ethics into patient treatments. She also coaches professionals on strategies that have proven effective for career advancement and satisfaction.

Business Planning & Marketing

Making the change from agency to private practice is a big step, so Dr. Walden helps professionals of all levels successfully make the transition. She can guide you through the business setup process, from applying for insurance panels to finding the right office space. She also can teach you how to market your services through speaking engagements, Instagram live presentations and more.

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