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Mindfulness Group
Taming the Anxious Mind

If you have a harsh and relentless inner critic, you also may be experiencing anxiety, low self-worth, perfectionism, strained relationships and more.

This inner critic feeds anxiety by creating impossible expectations for yourself. It says that taking care of yourself or prioritizing your own needs will make you selfish and that the only way people will like you is if you make every sacrifice to (at least try to) make them happy. It tells you that you're not good enough just the way you are. No matter how hard you work to get “unstuck,” the inner critic can make you believe that you don’t deserve to move forward or that you're not even capable of it.

If those anxious and critical thoughts have become second nature and you’re ready to break the negative and exhausting cycle, this group may be for you.

What happens in group? 

This structured group employs strategies from mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies to better manage and relate to anxiety. Members will work toward accepting anxiety and transforming their relationship with it. The ultimate goal is to free those with anxious minds from the pull and constant struggle with anxiety so they can focus on living richer and more meaningful lives. The group will participate in experiential exercises and complete homework assignments geared toward developing daily mindfulness practices.

You’re a good fit for this group if you're feeling: 

  • Mentally, emotionally and even physically exhausted from “overthinking”

  • Feeling down on yourself

  • Continuously putting your needs on the back burner (even when you try not to)

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Each virtual group is for anyone age 18+ and will meet for 90 min for eight consecutive weeks.  There are 2 different sections of this group currently being offered: 
Sundays 9am-10:30am (EST) 
s 1pm-2:30pm (EST)   

Space is limited to 10 participants.


Cost & Registration

Group Intake + Registration fee= $150 (amount counts toward session costs)

8 weekly sessions

$75/session = $600

  • The full registration fee is due at time of registration/intake. A portion of the fees may be covered by insurance, so check your benefits before registering -- you may choose to use your insurance benefits.

  • For those who are not current clients, Dr. Walden will meet with you for a group intake session prior to the group's start date. The cost is $150 (which will count toward your payment for the first 2 sessions). 

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